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St Georges day 23rd April

4 April 2017

This year’s St Georges Day Parade and ‘Service.’ The District Youth Executive are organising and running this very special day and we have decided to change the format around a bit to celebrate the past whilst looking forward to the future and what it may hold.

The theme for the event is ‘Promise to Fulfilment’. This is looking at the past, looking how things were, looking at the future and what it holds for us all in Scouting.  We have also changed some elements of the ceremony around. Here is the agenda for the day:

2.00 pm      Arrive at the Queen’s Gardens.

With the flags.  Everyone will march in their groups in numerical order, i.e., 1st , 14th , 15th  etc.

2.30 pm      Parade Starts

Porthill Drum Corp will lead the parade (thank you Porthill)


2.45 pm      Arrive at Church for Service

We will arrive at the church, where Groups will be directed to their allocated area.  The flags will then will be presented to the vicar and with some help from the SASU will attach them onto the railing so they will be visible from the road. The Union, St. George and District flags will be presented during the first hymn.

Weather permitting; we will sit down on the floor for the service or stand. Please can you bring some picnic rugs or tarpaulin to sit on as the ground may be cold or damp, these can be left at the Church before the service. (If you can’t sit down then we are happy to provide chairs)

While the service will be much the same as previous years there will be some changes. We ask that each Group brings with them something small that is special to them (This could be your group necker, a photograph or similar (suggest a copy of our 100 years logo of Billy Redfern.) as we will need it for part of the service.

3.45 pm      Bring and Share Picnic

After the service, we will then have a picnic outside. Everyone who attended the service is welcome to stay for the picnic. Please can you only bring the food you have been asked to bring so we do not have too much of one thing. All food will be shared.  Please remember this is a token bring and share picnic and not designed to be a full meal. We recognise that you do not want to be carrying your food or blankets with you through the parade so we ask that you drop them off at the church beforehand. The SASU will be there between 1pm and 1.45 for you to take your food along with and rugs and/or tarpaulins.


The list for food is as follows:

Ham Sandwiches*             Clayton and Whitmore

Cheese Sandwiches*         St. Giles and Westlands

Jam Sandwiches*              Knutton and Red Street

Sausage Rolls**            Holy Trinity, Keele and Basford

Crisps^                           Madeley and SASU

Cakes^^                         Porthill, Audley, Edenhurst and Ashley

Biscuits                            Silverdale and St. Wulstans – £10 worth per group

Grapes                             SASU (couple of packs for decoration)

*Three loaves worth per group

**100 per group

^Multipack 48 bags per group

^^£10.00 worth of cake per group


Please make sure you bring with you the following things for the day:

  • Your allocated food
  • Something to sit on (tarp or blankets)
  • Something that is special to your Group

If the weather is wet the whole service and picnic will be held inside the church.

Please note that on Friday 21st April at 6.30 p.m. there will be a flag practice for flag bearers from each section, it is anticipated that this will be over by 7.00 p.m. As there are changes to previous years’ nonattendance at the practice will lead you not being able to carry flags on the parade itself. Ideally there should be all flag bearers present but if this is not possible one ‘responsible’ individual should be present to communicate the information to the flag bearers on the day itself.

We thank you for your help and support and hope to see you there for this very special day


District Youth Executive


Posted by GSL Ian